Dia: 14.5 mm
BC: 8.6 mm
Replacement: Yearly
Fabricant; Dueba (Korea) 

 Sweety Plus - Sweety Spatax Gray

Sweety Plus - Sweety Spatax Brown

Sweety Plus - Cherry Gray

Sweety Plus - Cherry Brown

Sweety Plus - Batis Brown

Sweety Plus - Spatax gray

Sweety Plus - Spatax Blue

Sweety Plus

 Sweety Plus - Hydrocor Gray

 Sweety Plus - Hydrocor Brown

 Sweety Plus - Hydrocor Blue

Sweety Plus - Solotica Hydrocor Gray

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Dueba Lilly Yellow

Select Color:

Sweety Plus - Lamune Gray

Sweety Plus - Lamune Brown

Dueba - Tony Gold

Dueba - Tony Silver

Dueba - Tony Gray

Dueba - Tony Brown

Neocosmo - Solang Gray  

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